Tales and stories of Grand Paris

In 2050 two young people discover video archives which were shot in 2008 et 2009 during the consultation on « Grand Paris ».
They first enjoy comparing their world with ours before realizing how crucial this collective reflection was. Then they start looking for the decisive events which provoked the great changes they now know.
Made from original archives of the consultation, the film reports some of this intensive and collective reflection and uses fiction to put the discussion into perspective.
The film constitutes a memory of the consultation from afar and reminds that it was way more extended than the underground project itself.

85 minutes, 2011.

The film is released in French version and English subtitled version, with a 3 hour bonus presenting a meeting between the elected representatives and the teams of architects and urban planners during the consultation.

Les Productions de Effa: Thinking architecture, cities, landscape and countryside. Observe man in his physical space. Cultivate  memory and transmission.