Looking for Hannibal

général-carthaginois-web-2Two centuries before Christ, Hannibal and his troops leave Carthage, modern Tunis, to invade Rome. They travel with elephants though North Africa, Spain, southern France and attempt to cross the Alps at the current park of Vanoise, in Haute-Maurienne. But the Romans defend the place and the Gauls sometimes play double game …
Two courses in the mountain, developed by the designers of Atelier des charrons, recount this adventure as the game The game is upside down: in real life, walkers have digital tablets that appear weathered and their finery, Roman legionnaires, warlords or Carthaginian Gallic guides. Their virtual indications allow to move and grow in the mountain.centurion web 4vieux-gaulois-bis-web

These course are in french and italian version.
These courses of anoriginal type was inaugurated in July 2013. For more informations, you can follow the link (only in french) : http://www.haute-maurienne-vanoise.com/activites-animations/balades-et-randonnees/a-pied/a-la-poursuite-d-hannibal-promenade-liberte

a roman centurion
a gallic warrior
A carthaginian general

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