this référence concern following films : ecological urbanism, heating and cooling, ecological materials. these 3 films are on the same DVD.


The ecological urbanism

(22 minutes, 2010, coproduced by la Maison de l’architecture et de la ville PACA)/Version française
This reference is for following films: ecological urbanism, heating and cooling, green materials. the three films are on the same DVD.

This film is part of a set of 4 films generally called “cross Reflections on Sustainable Development.”

It offers a thorough examination of the “nature of the question” and combines the ideas of architects, politics, builders, contractors, engineers, landscapers, researchers, on the state of practices and brakes, France early XXIst century. These words are punctuated by illustrations of positive steps.
This component of planning puts in question including the monofunctional zoning, density perception by residents and brakes posed by urban settlements.

With the participation of Sebastien Giorgis, landscape architect, Marc Dalibard, Michel Benaïm, architects, Sabine Barles, a researcher attached to the CNRS, Olivier Sidler, heating engineer, Guy Mouraux Mayor Entraigues on Sorgue (84), Michael Latz, mayor Corrrens of (83).

Les Productions de Effa: Thinking architecture, city and country. Observe man in his physical space. Cultivate  memory and transmission.