Latent landscapes

“We are the new manufacturers of ponds” ad to the end of the film the landscaper Jacques Coulon, half-serious, half-amused. He summarizes a remark that builds throughout the story. How to get out of the decor, how to find a form that is rooted in the mode of production, as the production of traditional campaign? The construction of an urban park in Bois d’Arcy, in île-de-France, offers Jacques Coulon and Linda Leblanc opportunity to implement their thinking.
But the form also feeds the memory with loved places and gain a foothold in a vast territory for the remodel is a science that is rooted in the lessons of Land Art, that  art movement which emerged in the late sixties. Therefore, how to produce an effect nature from geometry?

Latents landscapes, 53′, 2014. Les Productions du Effa and Cinaps télévision. Format 16/9e, HD, french original version et english subtitles version, dolby stéréo

Les Productions de Effa: Thinking architecture, cities, landscape and countryside. Observe man in his physical space. Cultivate  memory and transmission.