this référence concern following films : ecological urbanism, heating and cooling, ecological materials. these 3 films are on the same DVD.


Heating and cooling

Crossed Thoughts on Sustainable Development
This reference is for following films: ecological urbanism, heating and cooling, green materials. the three films are on the same DVD.

“What is the real nature of the problem? What’s its Mediterranean specificity?”. These are the questions which were asked to about twenty players of sustainable development: engineers, architects, elected representatives, project ownership assistants, private contractors, craftsmen, the finance director of a large company or researchers.

It is about understanding the nature of the problem and not about giving solutions. Indeed each project being unique, the answer is therefore complex and can only be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Their testimonies are organized in 4 films (town planning, refreshing and heating up, materials, global cost/label/construction) and come with building views or efficient projects, even though all are not labeled.

110 minutes, 2010, French version codirected by the Maison de l’Architecture et de la Ville PACA

Les Productions de Effa: Thinking architecture, city and country. Observe man in his physical space. Cultivate  memory and transmission.