monpazier-aujourd'hui-webMonpazier is a new city founded in 1284 in Dordogne, in the context of struggles between the King Duke (both King of England and Duke of Aquitaine) and the King of France. Seven centuries later, the city is remarkably well preserved. It goes for a model country house with its orthogonal plan centered on a square, where the hall for merchants.
The interpretation of architecture Bastideum center opened its doors in July 2013, in a former convent. For more informations, you can follow

The agency Presence signs the permanent exhibition and we realized audiovisual materials exposure:
A “geopolitics” film of the genesis story houses, with interventions of Sylvie Faravel, lecturer in medieval history and archeology at the University of Bordeaux III, and Yan Laborie, historian and archaeologist, from Bergerac museum.
Sound installations on the following topics:
“Archaeological Research”, or how slowly excavations allow to discover details of country house history
“Living Heritage”, or how to keep the country house living character … The architect in charge of buildings preservation in France, Philippe Rochas, present the philosophy of conservation of the area, residents and visitors give their thinking and feeling about Monpazier
Monpazier once” : unhabitants tell the time when life was punctuated by fairs and markets.

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